What a humbling time we've had in the valley we call home. Knowing that fire & weather are part of this beautiful place does little to ease the stress and heartbreak when mother nature flares and claims all in her path.
But this is a place where we share strong community ties to one another. As always, we will reach out to friends and neighbors, and they to us. We will take stock of what has been lost and through the weeks and months ahead do our best to wisely rebuild our lives.
In time the blackened landscape will recover its beauty. Time will work her magic and a new covering of vibrant green will fill our vision.
If your landscape has burned, seeding bare ground with a restoration grass mix can be a first step. Or, if you know a family who recently experienced the effects of fire, consider gifting them the products they'll need to restore their garden spaces to health.

Plant restoration grass seed
Land that has been scorched by fire needs to heal. One thing you can do is to seed the area with an appropriate restoration grass mix. The new growth will help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion from rain and wind.

We have stocked an excellent mix of dryland grass seed for burned over areas. Available in small or large quantities, it will create the perfect band aid.
Our garden shop is open seven days a week. Got questions? We're happy to help. Give us a call at 509-997-0978.

It's summer - time to have a bit of fun! All the work that went into planting a vegetable garden, edible landscape or cool patio space is behind us. Now it's time to reap the rewards!
Take time to marvel - the garden speaks volumes if we know how to listen. It tells us when it needs water & when it needs food. But it also speaks of the mysteries of life - revealed to each of us in a different way.
It is these revelations that are the real food of our lives. Simple, humble and true. Enjoy!

The magic of flowers

Just look into the center of any flower and you'll be reminded of the mystery of the universe. Stars & geometric shapes abound!
To keep the mystery going in your life we'll receive regular deliveries of blooming annuals & perennials all summer.
Our garden shop is open 7 days a week. Stop in, replace spent bloomers or add new ones and get magical!

Plant these seeds now for fall harvest

While you're spending time at the lake this summer, you could be growing abundant crops for fall harvest...
Seed now spinach, peas, kale, chard, beets, cilantro, lettuce & radish. Just a little work now will pay off BIG later this fall!
Our garden shop in Twisp is open 7 days a week. Stop on by and give our seed rack a spin! You'll be glad you did!


Farm Camp is filling up!

July 29-31 Ages 3-6

Calling all small farm hands….there's just a couple seats left for Farm Camp 2014 in the garden at Local 98856 in Twisp.
We'll have furry & feathered farm friends to keep us company. And food from the garden to harvest and transform into yummy snacks. And farm inspired crafts, games and more!
Join Tess Hoke of Local 98856 and Sarah Fox of Wildflowers Preschool for tons of summer learning & fun. Cost for Farm Camp is $119. For registration information contact us HERE or stop by Local 98856 for a registration form.

Remember when we were kids & summer lasted forever?

Not too long ago a customer stopped by the garden shop and made a purchase.  For us, it was probably the best sale of the year. 

With a simple swipe her credit card she bought a seed - a spot in Farm Camp for a kid she didn't know. 

A chance for someone else to learn, to laugh, to wonder and to grow. She's sending a kid to camp.

We're making it easy to do something cool this summer. Join us and make camp a possibility for deserving kids!  

  • Choose a full ride seat for $119
  • Partner with us for $69 

Just contact us here or call us at 509-997-0978. Your gift of kindness will plant a seed sure to grow a lifetime. And who wouldn't want that!

Each child sponsored by this partnership will be referred by Room One. 

Whether he tilled large fields or hoed a backyard vegetable patch, most family histories lay claim somewhere along the generations to a man who made his living growing food. 

Whether he rose to riches or remained a poor man, he carried in his heart a simple truth.  The land that grows our food is sacred ground.  It gives physical form to all that we dream of becoming. For without good food there is no health. And without good health there is no life.

Happy Father's Day to the farmer in every man.

Once you've tasted the flavor of a home grown tomato, you'll want to make plenty of room for them in your garden spaces. These yummy little gems can be easy to grow if you provide the right environment. And abundant harvests will give you plenty of fresh flavorful slices with lots of leftovers for the winter pantry. Join the growing movement of backyard food gardeners and never settle for flavorless tomatoes again!

To get the most flavor out of your garden season, follow 
these tips for growing great tomatoes.

  • Plant tomato starts when the season is right - know the last frost date for your area to avoid killing temperatures.
  • Tomato plants are heavy feeders. Add plenty of organic material before planting.
  • Drip irrigation works best. This keeps water off leaves and ripening fruit.
  • Think about supporting growing plants with a trellis, cage or some DIY idea. This keeps fruit off ground and exposes fruit to sunlight.
  • Recognize a common pest - tomato horn worms - be diligent and remove on sight. 

These little tips can assure your success. They sound simple and obvious, but are often the difference between happy plants & abundant harvests and a garden that never really thrives. 

There is a great resource called "Last Frost Date". Compiled by backyard gardeners and the USDA, this chart shows approximate planting dates for growing zones across the nation. It's not a guarantee, but does give a good indication as to when warm season crops are likely to survive in your garden spaces.  And who among us doesn't enjoy a juicy ripe tomato or a sweet ear of corn?

Plant your potatoes when the dandelions bloom!

This great rule of thumb has been passed down by the old timers of our area. Looking around the neighborhood today it seems like the time is now. Let's grab our tools & tubers and plant this favorite food today!

Potatoes can be a staple crop in the  summer garden. Whether you've got visions of tasty new potatoes & peas or winter mashed spuds, its time to get started.  

Potatoes can be an easy food to grow if you follow what's worked for us in our own garden.
  • Choose good tubers - make sure they're free of 'scab' by using certified seed potatoes
  • Plant 6" deep in a sunny garden bed. Consider 'hilling' the growing plants to increase tuber production
  • Use an organic mulch over soil to help reduce potato beetle infestations.